3F 45CM Single Picc, Basic Kit, 80CM GW 5/cs


The pfm medical CT PICC II catheter is indicated for short or long term peripheral access to the central venous system for intravenous therapy, power injection of contrast media and for central venous pressure monitoring. The maximum recommended infusion rate for power injection is 5 ml/sec and the maximum pressure rating is not to exceed 300 psi. A catheter lumen of 20 gauge or larger is recommended for central venous pressure monitoring.

• Soft Polyurethane PICC Catheter – Proprietary formulation eases insertion, softens to minimize risk to intima
• Maximum Injection Rates – All catheter sizes rated at 5 ml/sec and 300 psi
• Increased Inner Lumen Diameter – Allows optimal flow rates at minimal pressure
• Short Reverse Taper – Typically less than 2 cm to minimize size of catheter in vein
• Clamp Identification – Redundant printing of lumen flow rate for safety

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