8cm Leaderflex with guidewire, Needle, Grip-Lok and Nexus TKO 10/cs


Leaderflex, a 22Ga Extended Dwell Peripheral IV Catheter (EPIV), is an easy to insert catheter for patients who require IV therapy for more than three days.
Leaderflex is a thermosensitive polyurethane catheter that can be used as a peripheral venous catheter in any patient population with consideration given to adequacy of vascular anatomy and appropriateness of procedure. Leaderflex is inserted using Seldinger technique and has a dwell time up to 29 days.
The VYLF Leaderflex kits contain:
• 22Ga Leaderflex catheter
• Guidewire
• 21Ga Safety Needle
• Grip-lok Securement Device
• Labels