Amplitude EcoCloth Poly Absorbent Wipe 9×9 cs/12bags/300ea

SKU: C20.AMEC0003

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This spunlaced non-shedding cleanroom wipe made of cellulose/polyester fabric features enhanced sorbency and is economical due to its light weight. Its sorbency exceeds comparable standard weight cellulose/polyester wipes. Strong and durable hydroentangled fabric is ideal for dry wiping and spill control. Lightweight, highly sorbent wipe has good solvent capability and works well with Contec Sterile 70% Isopropanol. When USP Guidelines recommend a low-shedding wipe, EcoCloth is an excellent choice.


• For dry wiping and spill control in accordance with USP requirements
• Ideal for daily use in the buffer zone, anteroom, and filling zone
• Recommended for use in ISO Class 6 and above cleanroom applications
• General purpose cleaning in biotech, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications
• Designed for non abrasive applications

Additional Info

Weight 25.900000 lbs
Dimensions 19.000000 × 19.000000 × 18.000000 in

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