Grip-Lok Small Nasal Gastric Hydrocolloid Securement Device 50/cs


GRIP-LOK® 2100NGH for Securement of Feeding Tubes and Other Lines on Patients with Delicate Skin

Grip-Lok Nasal Gastric Hydrocolloid offers firm securement of feeding tubes and will fit a wide range of tube sizes. This Grip-Lok secures the feeding tube length-wise, typically across the patient’s cheek. The skin contact adhesive is hydrocolloid and the tube contact adhesive will adhere to pure silicone, blends and PVC materials.

• Soft and flexible fabric design is less prone to catching and improves patient comfort.
• Simple to apply, inspect and adjust.
• Hydrocolloid adhesive is designed to be secure, yet gentle on fragile skin.

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