MicrobeCare Cardiology Select Stethoscope Blue


Cardiology Select

• High-grade acoustics with single diaphragm for cardiology or general use
• Patented MicrobeCare™ antimicrobial treatment
• Compare to 3M Littman* Cardiology III

Cardiologists and general practitioners alike will enjoy superior acoustic performance with the Parasol™ Cardiology Select line of stethoscopes, treated with MicrobeCare™, a patented non-leeching treatment which provides an infallible germ-free surface for the life of the stethoscope.

Featuring one tunable epoxy/fiberglass diaphragm, dual-lumen tubing, comfort-fit locking earpieces in numerous color options, and conveniently adjustable ear tubes, the Cardiology Select is the premier choice for the discerning medical professional with a mind for patient safety. Custom engraving available upon request.

1 Each Stethoscope, 2 Ear Buds, 1 Diaphragm

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