TrioBas MONO Kit, 200 liters/min., Petri plate


Trio.Bas™ MONO Kit, 200 liters/min., Petri Plate, by Orum International
Product Information
Hardy Diagnostics introduces the next generation of microbial air samplers for viable particles.

The Trio.Bas™ instruments utilize the impaction method of air sampling. The air, passing through an aspirating head, impacts onto an appropriate agar plate that collects bacteria or other organic substances possibly present in the sampled area.

All of our air samplers are lightweight, with an antibacterial techno-polymer shockproof body, have a long lasting battery and are IP65 protected from dust and water.

Per USP 797, “Impaction is the preferred method of active air sampling. Use of settling plates for qualitative air sampling cannot be relied upon and shall not be used solely to determine the quality of air in the controlled environment.”

Innovative Features
• Aspirating head with easy manipulation bayonet closure
• Manual or automatic operations
• Ergonomic and balanced design to facilitate handling with ease
• No plugs or external connections

Trio.Bas™ MONO Kit Contains:
• Trio.Bas™ MONO, Petri Plate
• Includes calibration certificate. 200 liters/minute flow rate, Bluetooth data transfer.
• Induction battery charger
• Unit simply rests on top of the base station to charge.
• Stainless steel aspirating head
• Petri plate aspirating head; autoclavable.
• Stainless steel cover head
• Protection cover for aspirating head; autoclavable.
• Robustus hard shell carrying case
• Hard shell carrying case to protect the sampler in transit.

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