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Interesting things about disinfectants.

Ready To Use is important because some regulatory agencies require testing  and validation of products that must be diluted.  Tacy Medical carries only Ready To Use (RTU) disinfectants.

Sticky Floors come from surfactants.  Surfactants are used to keep the disinfectant wet in the clean room environment long enough to reach the EPA registered required wet contact time.  Mopping with sIPA after the disinfectant has dried will transfer the surfactants from the floor to the mop head.  To avoid most of the double mopping consider TB1.  The TB1 one minute kill time reduces the need for surfactants in the disinfectant.  Both Peridox and TB1 are low surfactant disinfectants.

Eye Protection must be worn during monthly cleans.

Reducing Odor can be achieved by putting disinfectant on the mop head instead of the floor.  Disinfectant can be poured on a disposable mop head or the mop head can be immersed in disinfectant in a zip lock or magnetic bag.   Always dispose of used mop heads in a zipper or magnetic bag and seal the bag.  This keeps fumes from migrating into the cleanroom from the trash receptacle. Those who dislike the disinfectant smell may want to consider the Moldex 4820 charcoal filtered disposable mask.

Kill Data for sIPA is difficult to find but what little is published seems to indicate that sIPA doesn’t stay wet long enough in a high air exchange environment to achieve adequate kill for the daily disinfection of the ISO5.


Testing Supplies

Both Plates and Paddles work for surface testing.   Plates are less expensive and cover more surface area but they are expensive to ship, have a short shelf life and are more sensitive to prolonged heat exposure.  Paddles have a longer shelf life, are inexpensive to ship and leave less residue on the contacted surface.

Personnel Testing can be expensive when adding a separate HD test kit.  All-in-one test kits reduce cost while meeting the testing criteria.

Wipe Testing is a should in USP800.  If wipe testing, consider using a certified lab.  This makes the test quantitative and data is defendable in court.   American Analytics is the Tacy preferred lab because it provides easy to read quantitative results and has been certified by multiple regulatory agencies.  Tacy Medical representatives have all the details.