PREempt Plus:   One minute kill time for bacteria, virus and fungi.   Half the surfactant as regular PREempt.  Already on your GPO contract and very competitively priced. Click Here for the 32oz bottles, C20.2B101.  Scroll to the bottom of the linked page to view the other sizes available, including the pre-saturated wipes.  Contact your Tacy representative for information and a sample quart.


Eliminate paper fibers from IV seals and dispensers.   SecurSeal® is the only sterile IV seal product that is low linting and made exclusively from synthetic materials.   SecurSeal® is offered in multiple colors for IV bags, including a Chemo labelSyringe seals are available as well.  Free Stainless-steel dispensers make IV Seal organization easy.  Please ask your Tacy Sales Representative or Tacy Customer Service Representative for your free stainless-steel dispenser.