POLYSITE® Low Profile Hybrid Ports Mini CT 7F/PU KT/Silicone-filled Holes

VY.3017SPI – POLYSITE® Pressure Injectable Implantable Infusion Port With 7 Fr. 60 cm Attachable ChronoFlex® Catheter

CT MINI-PORT 7F/PU KT/Silicone -filled HOLES

• French Size: 7
• Material: Polyurethane

Each surgical kit Polysite contains:
• One titanium and POM (polyoxymethylene) Mini port with a silicone septum
• One 60cm XRO silicone or polyurethane catheter. Graduation every cm with a numbered marking every 5cm from 5 to 40cm
• Two connection rings (only one for pre-connected references) with a Phynox thread containing nickel
• One straight Huber needle (22G)
• One vein pick
• One flushing connector (for non-pre-connected references), pre-connected to the catheter