126″ Single-lead Hi-Volume Pump Chamber Set w/.2µ Filter 10/cs

SKU: AC.G82711M

High Quality Tubing Sets for Baxter REPEATER Pharmacy Pump
126” Single Lead High Volume Pump Chamber Set – Large Vented Spike with 0.2 µ Air Vent Filter, Pinch Clamp (white), Silicone Boot, Male Luer Lock with Contoured Finger Grip

Flexible tubing with multiple inlet options and a male Luer-Lock
connection. A bacteria and particulate 0.2 µm Air Vent Filter has
been added. Use to transfer sterile fluids from one container to
another. Fluid path is sterile in unopened, individually wrapped
• Manufactured in USA
• 0.2 µm Air Vent Filter
• Non DEHP and Latex Free
• Made of PVC with silicone section
• Box of 10, wrapped in individual sterile package

Additional Info

Weight 2.050000 lbs
Dimensions 12.000000 × 7.000000 × 8.250000 in

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