797 Tools Pharmacy Software

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This program is designed to help manage and document routine cleaning, calibrating, verifying and testing for USP 797. This system records compliance data and most importantly notifies you when staff has failed to properly document completed tasks.

The Tabs above lists daily, monthly and testing activities that you may want to routinely document. The reports menu allows you to recall this data via a date range and activity. The documents tab may be used for uploading other documents such as test results created by a third-party, policies, written examinations and annual personnel compounding test results.

The daily tasks may be configured to reflect the actual number of hoods, clean rooms, refrigerators, devices to be calibrated etc. that are used in your facility. The identification of those devices or activities that require routine documentation will be determined by you when you set up your account.

The failure to record daily, monthly or personnel testing data in a timely fashion will prompt an automatic reminder email sent to you or to your designated manager.

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