Agilia Infusion Pump Rental

SKU: FR.Z021135R

Fresenius Agilia Infusion Pump Monthly Rental

Designed to empower nurses and pharmacists with its simplicity, Agilia® Large Volume Pump with Vigilant Drug Library Software is the commonsense choice in smart infusion pumps that helps you put patient safety first.
In one comprehensive offering, Agilia Large Volume Pump combines a friendly, lightweight pump packed with features and functionality that can adapt to the way you work and grow, and offers steadfast support to get you up and running.

It’s a smart approach using proven technology that makes transition today and transformation tomorrow an achievable goal.

And it’s just one more way Fresenius Kabi, a global leader in infusion technology, is working to make essential medicines and technologies more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Built-in patient safety features help reduce risk within large and small institutions alike
Agilia Large Volume Pump with Vigilant Drug Library Software has the flexible functionality to meet the day-to-day needs of multiple care areas within large and small hospital environments.

•Vigilant Drug Library Software customizes to clinical need — create up to 19 care areas, each area containing as many as 200 drugs with 5 concentrations per drug
•Vigilant Drug Library Software helps limit risk of administering unauthorized drugs
•Convenient features such as Weight-based Dosing, Clinical Advisories, Loading Dose, Bolus Dose, Drug X (for non-formulary or new drugs)
•Quick editing of drugs allows your pharmacist to enable/disable these features
•Effective Safety Initiatives reduce costs associated with dose errors and risk of administering unauthorized drugs

Ease of Use
Easy to program, friendly to use
Agilia Large Volume Pump packs all essentials into a small, lightweight, portable device with a clinician-friendly interface and infusion sets that adapt to your workflow.

• Small size enhances patient and caregiver mobility — weighs just 4.4 lbs.
• Battery run time of 8 hours for rates up to 125 mL/h
• Agilia Vigilant lighthouse on screen displays Vigilant Drug Library is active, gives visual cue of compliance to drug library
• Verified compliance to Vigilant Drug Library by requiring user to Opt Out, increasing likelihood of using authorized drugs only
• Programmable pause, Direct and Programmable Bolus features ensure use of pump for bolus doses within soft and hard limits within
• Vigilant Drug Library
• User interface is designed with arrows to help decrease decimal errors more common with numeric keypads
• Unique Occlusivity Check System (OCS) provides protection against accidental free flow