BioClean™ Sterile Looped Face Mask 1/pkg/50pkgs/Bag

UT.MEA2101-1 – BioClean™ Sterile Looped Face Mask 1/pkg/50pkgs/Bag

• Contamination control: High particle and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
• Cleanroom-compatible materials: Reduced risk of contamination
• Clip connector: For quick and secure fastening

• Specialized protection: The BioClean™ Sterile Looped Face Mask MEA210-1 delivers high bacterial, viral, and particle filtration efficiency, while offering greater breathability and comfort for the user
• Enhanced features: This sterile, looped face mask features a clip connector (additional versions of which are available to purchase separately — CC-FMC4), offering quick and secure fastening at the back of the head
• Reduced contamination risks: This BioClean™ sterile face mask is manufactured from cleanroom-compatible materials and is processed in a NEBB-certified ISO Class 4 cleanroom environment to reduce contamination risks

One piece (with blue clip) per sealed inner PE bag; 50 inner bags per sealed outer PE bag