Digital Acrylic Door Incubator 0.7 Cubic Ft.

SKU: QL.10140E

Digital Incubator

Operating Manual

These units were custom-developed for laboratories that need a dependable, compact incubator for cultures, test kits, eggs and biologicals. Our incubators are ideal for clinical, industrial and school laboratories, for physicians’ offices, and as a general purpose warming cabinet.

Temperature ranges from:

140E Series:

Ambient +2°C minimum to a maximum of 62°C (143°F).

180E Series:

Ambient +2°C minimum to a maximum of 93°C (200°F)

Oven Features

Although there are several different models and styles, all of our Digital Series Incubators offer these standard features:

Digital PID microprocessor
Temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C
115 & 230 Volts available.
High grade aluminum interior.
Powder coated CR steel exterior.
Resistive-tubular incoloy heating elements.
Bronze acrylic see-through door (140 Series)
Solid insulated steel door (180 Series).
One Fixed and one adjustable shelf.

All ovens are fully tested prior to shipment.

18-month factory warranty.

Additional Info

Weight 24.150000 lbs
Dimensions 13.000000 × 15.000000 × 11.000000 in