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Contec DualClean
Softwall Strip Cleaner for all clean environments

For the first time, the new Contec DualClean system makes complete, easy, and economical cleaning of vinyl strip curtains a reality – with just one person!
The DualClean Softwall Strip Cleaner is ideal for cleaning strip curtains and barriers in all environments from clean workspace enclosures to ISO Class 5 isolated cleanroom
work cells.
The DualClean Softwall Strip Cleaner is a unique system that enables one operator to easily and quickly clean both sides of 4” – 12” plastic strip curtains in a single pass.
The system consists of a fabric cover that is snugly installed over a stainless steel frame with two curved-surface arms. Each curtain strip to be cleaned is positioned
between the two arms of the frame, with the arms contacting both sides of the curtain at once. With slight tension maintained on the curtain strip, the cleaner is
moved down the length of the strip, easily and uniformly cleaning both sides of the entire length of the strip.
The DualClean system can be used with three different fabric covers to provide the best cleaning performance for a variety of curtain types and environments.
The microfiber cover removes and traps dust and other visible contaminants. The Quiltec® knit polyester cover is ideally suited to more critical environments.
For highly critical environments like ISO Class 5 cleanrooms, the Quiltec® cover is available sterile and triple bagged.
Using Contec’s QuickConnect™ system, the DualClean frame may be attached to a wide variety of handles. The short telescoping fiberglass handle is recommended.
The electropolished, stainless steel frame is resistant to most chemicals and disinfectants, and may be sterilized by common methods including gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide, or autoclave.

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