Fluid D, USP, 1000ml Poly Bottle 10/cs

SKU: HD.U115

Fluid D, USP, 1000ml fill, 1000ml narrow mouth polycarbonate bottle, order by the package of 10
Product Information
Certificate of Analysis
USP Fluids A, D, and K are used by the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in procedures used to ensure sterility of injectables, non-injectables, liquid products, oils and ointments, antibiotic powders, sterile pathway devices and aerosols.
A rinsing and diluting fluid for use in USP testing protocols. pH 7.1. Contains peptic digest of animal tissue and polysorbate 80.

Features and Benefits:
• Heavy duty
• Bottles are tough and sturdy to reduce breakage
• Leak-Proof
• Easy-to-remove, perforated, shrink wrap ensures product integrity
• Optically clear
• Bottles are made of clarified polycarbonate for clear viewing.
• Easy to Read
• Each bottle is clearly marked with a measuring fill line.
• Accuracy and Efficient
• Each lot is certified for pH, sterility and growth promotion using ATCC® strains specified by the USP.