Halo® Closed Vial Adaptor 20mm bx/24


CM.CVA200 – Halo® Closed Vial Adaptor, 20mm 24/box

The Halo® Closed Vial Adaptor is a closed vial access system intended for use in the reconstitution and transfer of hazardous drugs from vial to patient in a healthcare setting.

The system is compatible with standard vials; 13mm, 20mm, and 28mm Outer-Diameter (OD) necks

• Design that prioritizes user comfort through intuitive features
• Easy Snap-on connection with minimal force
• Strong and secure attachment to vial
• No additional equipment needed to attach.
• Minimal touch points for less risk of contamination
• Easy-to-swab raised seal.
• Up to 168 hours of microbial ingress prevention
• No contraindication
• User feedback shows the Halo® is significantly easier to use.