Leader-Flex 22g Catheter 6cm 20/cs

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Leaderflex is a radiopaque polyurethane catheter with fixation wings and integral extension tube 4.5 cm long.
When it comes with straigth guidewire, Leaderflex is suitable for a variety of venous and arteriel applications in adults and children and in particular:
– Central venous catheterization (jugular, subclavian, femoral) in children,
– Arterial catheterization in children (codes 1212.04/06),
– Peripheral venous catheterization (Midline) in adults and children.
The references with a J Nitinol guidewire (1212.062/082) are only indicated for CVC application.
Leaderflex is an alternative to short I.V. cannulae for patients who require intravenous therapy for more than 5 days, improving the quality of patient care: no need for repeated venipunctures with short I.V. cannulae, less risk of chemical and mechanical phlebitis because Leaderflex is inserted above the antecubital fossa (improved stabilisation of the catheter, higher blood flow rate in the vessel).

Leaderflex includes:
– 1 puncture needle 21G, 42 mm long,
– 1 radiopaque catheter (Ø 0.5 x 0.7 mm – 22G – 2Fr) featuring on the distal end an integral extension tube, fixation wings to ease the fixation and a Luer-lock female connector.
– 1 straight metallic guidewire (Ø 0.46mm) 23cm long for codes 1212.04/060/06, 26cm long for code 1212.08, 40cm long for codes 1212.10/12 and 50cm long for codes 1212.20/205.
– 1 J Nitinol guidewire Ø 0.46mm long. 40cm (codes 1212.062/082)
– 1 drape 50 x 50 cm (code 1212.060),
– 4 ball swabs (code 1212.060),
– 3 labels to be used according to catheter application: “Peripheral”, “Arterial” and “Central”.

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