PharmAssure™ Syringe Filter with Supor™ Membrane, 32 mm, 0.2µm, Blue/Blue 50/BX


PALL.HP4642 – PharmAssure™ 0.2µm Syringe Filter with Supor™ Membrane, 32mm Diameter, 50/Box

PharmAssure™ syringe filters are designed for rapid filtration, high throughputs, low protein binding and broad drug compatibility to assure quality control in drug preparation and intravenous and subcutaneous syringe bolus drug administration. These products are FDA 510(k) cleared and CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive (93/42/EEC).

• Two housing sizes are available (25 and 32 mm) to accommodate a wide range of volume requirements.
• The color-coded housings allow to immediately identify the pore size of the membrane (0.2, 0.45, 1.2, and 5 μm).
• The Supor™ membrane integrated in the housing is made in PES (polyethersulfone) and is an inherently hydrophilic and chemically and biologically inert membrane.
• The Supor™ membrane is a low protein binding membrane and has been demonstrated to be compatible with multiple drugs (SLS technical reports under request).
• The filter device is easy to use with a double luer-lock design which offers safe and secure needle placement

Product specifications
• Housing Color: Blue/Blue
• Diameter: 32mm
• Pore Size: 0.2 µm

Additional Info

Weight 0.800000 lbs
Dimensions 4.000000 × 6.000000 × 8.000000 in