Prep Mat Irradiated 16×21″ bx/6bags/25ea

Contec Prep Pad

Irradiated for Sterility

The conveniently-sized 16 x 21” (41 x 54cm) Contec® Prep Pad helps to minimize the contamination introduced into the ISO Class 5 work area, unlike traditional pulp layer options that may contaminate the work area or influence the state of control. The latex-free fabric construction consists of two layers: an absorbent layer that helps contain occasional spills, and a barrier layer that prevents the spill from penetrating through to the work surface.

The Contec Prep Pad is a convenient isolation hood tool that helps protect pharmaceutical technicians when compounding, handling, and administering Compounding Sterile Preparations (CSPs) and hazardous drugs. Ideal for use in USP and USP regulated areas during compounding, administering drugs in patient areas, or cleaning during compounding changeover. Available irradiated or non-irradiated.


• Designed for easy spill control and cleanup in pharmacy cleanrooms
• Packaged in 6 bags of 25 Mats

Additional Info

Weight 6.250000 lbs
Dimensions 26.000000 × 18.000000 × 3.000000 in