PrepLock Tamper Evident Additive Port Cap for ICU Medical Lifecare® Bags non-Sterile cs/300

IN.2103 – Tamper Evident Additive Port Caps for ICU Medical LifeCare® IV Bags

The Prep-Lock™ Tamper Evident Additive Port Cap provides exceptional protection and protocol assurance to the medication port of ICU Medical’s Lifecare® IV Bags. They equip your IV Bags with industry-leading tamperevident security while providing visual evidence that medication has been added and more. The simple onehanded installation and considerable contributions to the integrity of IV compounds have made these caps a favorite of pharmacists everywhere.

Enhance Medication Safety, Protocol Assurance & More
• Strengthens USP 797 Compliance.
• Provides protocol assurance with visual indication medication has been added.
• Protects against tampering or misuse.
• Simple one-handed installation is a superior solution over sticky foil seals.
• Advanced design guarantees once the cap is applied it cannot be removed without damage to the IV Bag.
• Reduces risk of contamination.
• Helps ensure product integrity.
• Helps reduce waste and shortages, by providing confidence that unadministered bags can be returned to the pharmacy.
• 300 per case.