Primary Set 112″ w/1Y-Site Silicone-Free Spike 30/cs

SKU: FR.M46441985

Volumat Line Primary Pump Set

Volumat lines are designed to be used with Agilia Large Volume Pump and all sets can be used as gravity lines with the SafeClip in the open position.

Volumat MC Agilia Primary Pump Set with convertible piercing pin, non-DEHP tubing, roller clamp, calibrated silicone pumping segment with SafeClip, downstream pinch clamp, needle-free port, rotating male luer lock. Not made with natural rubber latex. PV 25 mL, 112 inch.

• Silicone pumping segment specially designed to maintain pumping performance up to 96 hours.*
• SafeClip anti-free flow mechanism.
• Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP; PVC-free configurations are available.

* Volumat MC Agilia Instructions for Use. Rev. Date June 2013. Page 108.

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Weight 4.000000 lbs
Dimensions 16.000000 × 11.000000 × 9.000000 in