Sanotex Surface Wipes 10″x12″ cs/6rl/60ea

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How to use Sanotex
Sanotex® Environmental Surface Wipes are an effective, easy to use, economical alternative to spray bottle or cloth paired with open bucket disinfecting and cleaning systems. Sanotex Environmental Surface Wipes help reduce risk and simplify the process – saving time and money while bringing greater control to your cleaning and disinfecting programs.

Canisters sold seperately – C20.85341

The hybrid fabric combines ultrafine meltblown fibers for maximum removal of particles with a core of stronger spunbonded fibers to give the wipe superior strength to others on the market. It is 100% synthetic and works effectively with hydrogen peroxide/peroxyacetic acid disinfectant cleaning solutions, such as PeridoxRTU® and diluted Peridox® Concentrate, as well as quaternary ammonium disinfectants. This fabric absorbs and releases solutions more efficiently, resulting in chemical savings and a significant lower cost per wipe.

Once the Sanotex wipes have been saturated, internal testing has shown chemical stability for an average of 5-15 days* depending on the chemistry’s composition. We recommend using indicator strips designed for the chosen chemistry prior to use when a lapse between applications has occurred.

The spring-loaded canister lid keeps wipes wet, minimizing waste and vaporization, and our resealable MagBag can contain used wipes for later disposal, therby eliminating potential harbor points for microbial contamination.

*All chemistries used on the wipes need to be checked periodically, with proper indicator strips, after the initial 5 days of saturation to ensure chemical effectiveness.

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Weight 2.800000 lbs
Dimensions 13.000000 × 10.300000 × 6.500000 in

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