Sleeve Kit for Baker w/7.5″ Glove Ports

• Sleeve kit for CAIs and CACIs
• Bundle of sleeves and accessories necessary for maintaining standard operation procedures

• Unique, easy, aseptic and safe
• In compliance with USP 797 and USP 800
• Durable PVC material, light, breathable and lined for optimal comfort, flexibility and protection
• Easy to clean, disinfect and maintain for better contamination control for all your compounding needs

Products Included
• 2 Yellow PVC Laminated Sleeves
• 2 O‐Rings for Shoulder in Nitrile
• 2 O‐Rings for Cuff in Silicone
• 2 Silicone Band for Shoulder Ring
• 50 Cuff Extensions

• 1 kit/Box