Syringe Tip Adapter FLFS 50/bx


Fluid Transfer Connector

Fluid Transfer Connector, Universal Syringe Tip Adapter, Sterile

Used to connect syringes, tube sets including pump transfer tubing, luer syringes, bags and more for a safe and easy application


• Product contains a female luer LOCK on one side and female luer SLIP on other. Allows for stable connect from a dispensing source and rapid connect/disconnect to the filling container.
• Larger outer grips assist user in preventing touch contamination to critical areas
• Each unit includes a cap for intermittent fills or capped storage
• Use with an existing syringe filling fixture for rapid, assisted filling
• Product ships sterile, endotoxin limit tested and comes with 50 EA per box.

Additional Info

Weight 0.750000 lbs
Dimensions 9.500000 × 6.000000 × 7.000000 in