1ml Sterile Mixing Syringe Tray w/23ga x ½ Needle 1000/CS

SKU: SC.181023T

Sol-Millennium® SC.181023T SOL-M™ 1mL Mixing Syringe Tray 23G x ½”

The SOL-M™ Mixing Syringe Tray from Sol-Millenium® is a convenient package that contains 100 syringes specifically designed to prevent needlestick injuries, with the outstanding quality that healthcare professionals can only find in the SOL-M™ product line. These syringes, as well as the Tray, are PCV, DEHP, and Latex free. They are also sterilized using ethylene oxide, which ensures optimal performance.

SOL-M™ syringes are made with high-transparency barrels, which make it easier to see its contents. Silicone lubrication ensures smooth plunger movement, and a safe plunger backstop prevents accidental withdrawal of the plunger. These syringes also have a large finger grip, which helps during the injection process and guarantees stability and comfort for medical professionals.

Syringe Capacity: 1 ml

Syringe Length: ½” (12.5 mm)

Qty: 1000 per case