Outpatient Chemo Spill Kit 10/cs



Outpatient Chemo Spill Kit

• Protective Goggles
• N95 Mask, Folded
• (2) Pair Chemo-Rated Gloves, Large
• (1) Pair Fluid Impervious Shoe Covers, Large
• (1) CritiGear Chemo Gown 2XL/3XL
• 1.3L Capacity Yellow Absorbent Pad, 15”x19”
• (2) each MicroGenesis Wipe, 10”x18”
• 16 Gallon Chemo Waste Bag
• Waste Bag Securement Tie
• (1) Hazardous Drug Spill Sign

Directions For Use

1. Alert nearby persons about the spill. Set up hazardous drug spill sign
2. Put on Gown, Mask, Goggles, Gloves & Shoe Covers
3. Place Absorbent Pad on Spill
4. Use Absorbent Wipes as needed
5. Place all Chemo Spill supplies & Clothing into Chemo Waste Bag
6. Use supplied twist tie to secure Chemo Waste Bag

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