Acute Care/Hospital Chemo Spill Kit 5/cs

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Acute Care/Hospital Chemo Spill Kit

• Protective Goggles
• N95 Mask, Folded
• (2) Pair Chemo-Rated Gloves, Large
• (2) Pair Fluid Impervious Shoe Covers, Large
• (1) XL Chemo-Rated Gown
• 1.3L Capacity Yellow Absorbent Pad, 15”x19”
• (2) each MicroGenesis Wipe, 10”x18”
• 15 Gallon Chemo Waste Bag
• Waste Bag Securement Tie
• 21g Single Use Spill Control Solidifier
• Disposable Plastic Scoop & Scraper
• Hazardous Drug Spill Sign

Directions For Use

1. Alert nearby persons about the spill. Set up Hazardous Drug Spill sign
2. Put on Gown, Mask, Goggles, Gloves & Shoe Covers
3. Sprinkle the Green Z fluid solidifier around and evenly on top of spill
4. Carefully use the scoop and scraper to remove any glass fragments and place in them in a sharps container
5. Use scoop and scraper to clean up the solidified liquid
6. Place Absorbent pad on remaining spill
7. Use Absorbent wipes as needed
8. Place all Chemo spill supplies & clothing into Chemo waste bag
9. Use supplied twist tie to secure Chemo waste bag

Additional Info

Weight 7.000000 lbs
Dimensions 15.000000 × 15.000000 × 15.000000 in

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