Peridox RTU® Gallons Sterile cs/4

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PeridoxRTU® Sporicidal Disinfectant and Cleaner
Industry’s First Non-bleach 3 Minute Sporicidal Disinfectant

PeridoxRTU is a broad spectrum EPA-registered sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide and fungicide one-step disinfectant and hard surface cleaner with a 3-minute Sporicide claim at 99.9999% efficacy. PeridoxRTU contains no alcohol or bleach and, unlike most other disinfectants, leaves minimal residue on surfaces.

Patented, hyperactive chemistry provides fast results. With its shorter kill times and powerful wetting agents, PeridoxRTU stays wet and works faster. The result – assured efficacy against hard-to-kill spores and other dangerous pathogens.

When used according to Contec procedures, PeridoxRTU has been shown to be effective for hazardous drug decontamination on stainless steel surfaces*. The chemistry is effective in chemotherapy spill clean up and removes drug residues without harming expensive PECs.

PeridoxRTU provides maximum effectiveness without the risks of bleach. Unlike bleach, PeridoxRTU will not cause damage to stainless steel or clothing, and is compatible with most surfaces found in the pharmacy compounding environment. Additionally, PeridoxRTU provides a simple one-step cleaning and disinfection process that does not require a pre-clean operation saving both time and labor.

As a germicide, PeridoxRTU is a broad-spectrum disinfectant effective against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. In addition, PeridoxRTU provides increased potency for surface sporicidal efficacy. The formulation’s inclusion of surfactants gives it excellent cleaning performance and allows it to function as a deodorizer and detergent while disinfecting simultaneously.

• Excellent material compatibility that will not damage most surfaces in pharmacy compounding environment, including stainless steel
• Cleaning and disinfecting PECs according to USP guidelines
• Use in CACIs and other primary engineering controls for hazardous drug removal
• Daily cleaning and disinfecting tasks, such as wiping counters and mopping floors
• Effective component to monthly cleaning protocols

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Weight 37.000000 lbs
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