PREMIRA Microfiber Wipe 12″x13″ cs/12bg/50ea

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PREMIRA® Microfiber Wipes
Dual Textured Single Use cleanroom processed Wipes

PREMIRA Microfiber wipes and pads are designed to give fast and efficient removal and retention of particles and contamination which only advanced microfiber can deliver. The unique dual textured material provides for the effective removal of both gross contamination and fine particles. Safely and quickly remove debris, body fluids and other contaminants from sensitive surfaces and delicate instruments in the surgical suite, central sterile, and other critical patient care areas. Most laundered cloths can scratch expensive flat screens and delicate equipment and may contain oils that will cause fading or discoloration. Only PREMIRA Microfiber Wipes are specially designed to be safe to use on these surfaces. The PREMIRA Microfiber Wipe (HCPW3003) is ideal for larger areas and to wrap around the Klean Max Wall and Floor Washing System.

The PREMIRA Hand pad is extremely absorbent, able to hold a large amount of disinfectant when charged yet delivers 100% of that disinfectant to the surfaces that it is applied to. This versatile cleaning product brings all the benefits of two microfiber faces with an extra 100% recycled polyester liquid holding layer inside. It has excellent scrubbing power and yet is safe for all surfaces.

Safe for use with Bleach and Disinfectants
Cotton, rayon, and other cellulose based products can bind the active ingredients in many disinfectants, including bleach, peroxides, and quat-based products. This is also true of laundered microfiber products that return from the laundry poorly processed with residual organic material. PRIMERA microfiber has been tested and shows 100% release of these active ingredients. In addition, Contec’s unique cleanroom processing eliminates fibers and reduces particulates to a level compatible with Class 5 cleanroom environments. The inherent softness of advanced microfiber makes PRIMERA wipes perfect for use on all sensitive surfaces including high-definition flat panel screens, delicate instruments, specialty robotics, glass, acrylics, plastics and stainless steel.

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Weight 15.350000 lbs
Dimensions 21.000000 × 13.000000 × 13.000000 in

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