Toolflex One™ Hooks For Rail, Blue 3/pk


Wall-Mounted Storage Solution

The Most Versatile, Ultra-Hygienic, Cleaning Tool Holder
Contec® Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of products that meet the specific needs of sterile compounding pharmacies. Contec has solutions and tools necessary for proper cleanroom sanitizations for areas such as the Primary
Engineering Control (PEC), Secondary Engineering Control (SEC), anteroom, and buffer room. Toolflex™ One is the ultimate, most versatile, wallmounted tool holder system to effectively organize, efficiently store and quickly access a wide variety of tools within cleanroom environments. With an ultra-hygienic design suitable for cleaning and decontamination, the patented Toolflex One™ is ideally suited for a diverse range of tools including Contec Healthcare’s:

• Mop handles and frames. (KleanMax™ andMicroCinch™)
• Handheld cleaning tools (EasyReach™)
• Bottles and other tools with various sizes, shapes and contours (sterile IPA and disinfectants)

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