EasyReach™ QuickConnect Mop Head Frame 7.5″

*NOTE: This item is being phased out and replaced with C20.2685LF

SKU: C20.2685

C20.2685 – EasyReach™ Stainless Steel Mop Frame

• NOTE: Handle Sold Separately

EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool

Contec’s lightweight stainless steel EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool is designed for cleaning isolators, laminar air flow hoods, glove boxes and other mini environments. Rectangular shape makes overlapping straight-line action easy to achieve. Hinged joint this tool comfortable and easy to use for accessing hard-to-reach areas.

The single-use sealed polyester EasyReach™ cleaning pads provide a low level of particulates which is essential for use in product contact areas. The pads are very absorbent, ensuring good even coverage of disinfectant or IPA. Easy grab edge on the cleaning pad ensures the pad fits tightly on the mop frame, but is easy to replace with gloved hands. Sterile pads presaturated with 70% IPA are also available.

Features & Benefits

• Rounded tool edges and strong, durable, double layer pads ensure equipment is not damaged during use
• Lightweight EasyReach Tool lays flat and is comfortable to use and minimizes fatigue
• All components are designed to be chemical resistant, minimizing the risk of contamination from degradation
• Presaturated option removes the need for 70% IPA spray bottles, reducing inventory and minimizing waste costs
• Sorbent, double layer Quiltec sealed edge polyester cleaning pads ensure particles and fibers are minimized
• The polyester cleaning pads leave no unwanted surface residues

Additional Info

Weight 0.550000 lbs
Dimensions 11.000000 × 5.000000 × 2.000000 in

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