Premira High Sorbency Microfiber Pad 5″x18″ cs/9bg/6ea

SKU: C20.HCPM3004

PREMIRA® High Sorbency Microfiber Pads
Superior removal of liquid and gross contamination

Designed with flexibility in mind for operating rooms, surgical suites and procedure rooms, the Premira High Sorbency Microfiber Pad provides a simpler way to soak up large amounts of liquid after invasive surgical procedures. This single use pad eliminates risk of cross-contamination associated with traditional mops or pads. Ideal for floors, Premira High Sorbency Microfiber Pads also work well for scheduled cleanings of walls and ceilings to help your facility comply with the latest terminal cleaning and infection control protocols.

• Ideal for turnover and terminal cleaning of surgical suites and procedure rooms
• Reduce the risk of HAIs and cross-contamination
• Compatible with common hospital disinfectants
• Easily soaks up large amounts of liquid

Additional Info

Weight 4.500000 lbs
Dimensions 20.000000 × 13.000000 × 11.000000 in

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