High Duster XF Tool With Hand Grip

SKU: C20.PRMH2005

C20.PRMH2005 – High Duster XF Tool With Hand Grip

Premira® Microfiber High Duster for IV Chemo Hoods

Disposable covers for high cleaning applications.

The High Duster XF and Standard High Duster from Contec Professional makes cleaning hard-to-reach spaces easier when paired with Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Microfiber High Duster Covers. The Premira® High Duster Cover is available in two sizes to fit the High Duster XF and the Standard High Duster. The flexible body of the high duster tools bend to hug surface contours and reduces operator strain. The High Duster can be used as a handheld tool to clean areas within arm’s reach. For overhead surfaces, pair the High Duster with your choice of ZeroGravity™ QuickChange handles. It’s ideal for cleaning HVAC ducts and vents, between walls and heavy equipment, and in other difficult to reach areas.

• Flexible frame reaches areas were typical dusters cannot
• Reduces cross contamination risk when paired with a new Laundry-Free™ Premira® II Microfiber High Duster cover
• Compatible with all ZeroGravity™ QuickChange handles

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