QuickConnect™ Mop Head Frame 11.5″ SS Hinged/Lay Flat

Klean Max™ Wall Washing System

11.5” (29cm) Lay Flat frame, for use with Klean Max Medium or Large

Disposable polyester and microfiber mop head for cleaning and disinfecting

Designed for cleaning and applying disinfectants to both horizontal and vertical surfaces in pharmacy cleanrooms and other critical healthcare environments, lightweight non-shedding Klean Max has a slim profile and is ideal for general cleaning of ceilings, walls, and floors. The pivoting mop head frame makes it easy to clean around door and window frames as well as light fixtures and heavy equipment.

Intended for limited-use, the 100% synthetic polyester and microfiber Klean Max mop does not promote bacteria growth, reducing the risk of cross contamination and HAIs, leading to better patient outcomes. The unique construction allows for even application of disinfectants and cleaning solutions. The slightly textured microfiber face provides superior particle pick up and contamination removal.

Klean Max enables the uniform application of disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Compatible with a wide range of solutions, including bleach* and hydrogen peroxide, Klean Max also does not interfere with the efficacy of quat-based disinfectants.

Available in two lengths, 12.8” (32.4cm) and 15” (38cm), the larger Klean Max is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting broad surfaces in pharmacy cleanrooms. The medium-sized Klean Max (also available with a sealed edge) is appropriate for tasks in smaller environments. QuickConnect fiberglass, stainless steel and anodized aluminum handles are autoclavable and available in several lengths for a variety of cleaning tasks. Due to thermoforming of the plastic backplate, autoclaving of Klean Max is not recommended. All hardware is autoclavable unless otherwise noted.

Additional Info

Weight 0.750000 lbs
Dimensions 19.000000 × 5.000000 × 2.000000 in

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