QuickConnect™ 60″ Stainless Steel Handle 4-Holes

Lightweight mop with MicroGenesis microfiber for USP and healthcare cleaning

For use in Contec’s QuicKlean mopping system, MicroCinch™ mopping system, Klean Max™ mopping system, and PREMIRA mopping systems

QuicKlean Mopping System:
Contec’s QuicKlean mop with MicroGenesis is changing the level of clean for the USP market. The combination of the lightweight, easy to maneuver hardware and particle pick-up capacity of the MicroGenesis microfiber wipe delivers unprecedented performance. Compatible with a wide range of disinfectants, chemicals and solutions, the QuicKlean mop with MicroGenesis offer users a lightweight option for cleaning and disinfecting floors, wall and ceilings.

The QuicKlean with MicroGenesis flat mop system has 3 basic components (with the QuickConnect Handle):
1. A durable plastic QuicKlean mophead frame;
2. A foam and abrasion-resistant knitted polyester mophead; and
3. Disposable MicroGenesis microfiber mop covers, which deliver the maximum amount of microfiber to pick-up and retain particles, dust and other contaminants

The cleanroom compatible QuicKlean foam mop head easily attaches to the polypropylene mop head frame. A MicroGenesis wipe is then wrapped around the mop head and secured to the frame.

Contec MicroCinch™ Mop
The USP compliant, disposable Contec MicroCinch™ Mop is constructed of 100% synthetic microfiber that provides superior removal of gross soil and fine particulate. Reduces cross-contamination associated with reprocessed mops, and is suitable for ISO Class 7 and 8 environments. Compatible with most common disinfectant chemistries including quaternary, alcohol, peroxide, and bleach-based disinfectants, the low-linting flat mop can be used wet or dry, and the pad provides uniform surface coverage and liquid distribution.

The “pocket” style design allows for quick changing of mop pads and the collapsible mop head frame, available in heavy duty plastic, easily snaps into the pad pockets. Contec’s MicroCinch™ Mop is the ideal solution for daily cleaning and disinfecting of Secondary Engineering Controls required in pharmacy environments. Cleanroom packaged for guaranteed quality and cost effectiveness.
You will need two components for the MicroCinch™ Mopping System (with the QuickConnect Handle):
1. Mop head Frame:
MicroCinch™ Mop Head Frame, Blue
MicroCinch Mop™ Head Frame, Stainless Steel
2. Mop Pads
MicroCinch™ Microfiber Mop Pads
MicroCinch™ STERILE Microfiber Mop Pads

Klean Max™ Mopping System
Disposable polyester and microfiber mop head for cleaning and disinfecting

Designed for cleaning and applying disinfectants to both horizontal and vertical surfaces in pharmacy cleanrooms and other critical healthcare environments, lightweight non-shedding Klean Max has a slim profile and is ideal for general cleaning of ceilings, walls, and floors. The pivoting mop head frame makes it easy to clean around door and window frames as well as light fixtures and heavy equipment.

Intended for limited-use, the 100% synthetic polyester and microfiber Klean Max mop does not promote bacteria growth, reducing the risk of cross contamination and HAIs, leading to better patient outcomes. The unique construction allows for even application of disinfectants and cleaning solutions. The slightly textured microfiber face provides superior particle pick up and contamination removal.
You will need 2 components for the Klean Max Mopping System (with the QuickConnect Handle):
1. Mop Head Frame:
Klean Max Stainless Steel Mop Head Frame for 13″, 15″ or SE
2. Mop Head:
Klean Max Mophead, 13″
Klean Max Mophead, STERILE, 13″
Klean Max Mophead, 15″
Klean Max Mophead, STERILE, 15″
Klean Max Sealed Edge
Klean Max Sealed Edge, STERILE

PREMIRA® Single Use Microfiber Pads
Single Use Microfiber Mopping System for Faster, More Effective OR Turnover

Reduce the risk of HAI’s and cross-contamination with Contec‘s revolutionary PREMIRA II mopping system. Patent-pending PREMIRA enables healthcare professionals to incorporate the cleaning benefits of advanced microfiber in a system that maintains the cleanliness of the disinfecting solution. PREMIRA mopping system’s disposable microfiber pad gives the amazing performance of microfiber. Bleach-safe, the pads are 100% synthetic and will not neutralize quat- or peroxide-based disinfectants.

Eliminate the contaminants that come into the OR with cotton and rayon mops, poorly laundered mops, and over-laundered microfiber mops which are no longer effective. The unique PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad is the only part of the system that needs to be replaced after each use – making the system more economical.

Adapt your existing hardware to our Premira II Microfiber Pad or use Contec’s proprietary hardware and reservoir systems for improved function and ergonomic ease.
The 3 Components for the PREMIRA II Mopping System (with the QuickConnect Handle):
1. PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad
2. PREMIRA Backer Plate
3. QuickConnect Mop Head Frame

PREMIRA® HighDuster Covers
Single use covers for hard to reach areas

Compatible with most dusting wands, the advanced Premira HighDuster Cover is an efficient and effective choice for hard to reach, critical surfaces. The circular knit fabric allows for quick pick-up of dust and debris on ceiling vents, equipment arms and OR lights. Use the duster saturated with your cleaner-disinfectant or dry. Premira HighDuster’s textured surface does not lint or risk cross-contamination as lauderables do.
The 2 Components for the PREMIRA High Duster (with the QuickConnect Handle):
1. PREMIRA High Duster Cover
2. PREMIRA Snake Duster

Additional Info

Weight 2.800000 lbs
Dimensions 62.000000 × 2.000000 × 2.000000 in

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