Tacky Mat Frame for 36″ X 45″

Contec Tacky Mats
Note: This contains Tacky Mat Frame ONLY.

Contamination control flooring

Contamination control Tacky Mat floor mats use nontransferring adhesive sheets to remove debris from soles of shoes and wheels of equipment.

When the top layer of the mat is completely dirty, it is peeled away to expose a fresh, clean layer of adhesive film. Corner tabs are conveniently numbered for accurate layer removal. The bright blue color gives visual warning of entry way. Tacky Mat contains 30 layers and is available in three sizes, 24” x 36”, 18” x 36” & 36″ x 45″.

• Excellent for heavy traffic areas
• Effective and economical way of preventing contaminants from entering the pharmacy cleanroom

Tacky Mat Frame Features:
• Prevents adhesive residue from being left on the floor
• Easy relocation and removal for maintenance
• Professional look
• Sized accordingly to our available tacky mats
• Reusable